Queensbury VFW Post 6196 
Gary L. Kaiser, Commander
Queensbury VFW Post 6196 
Gary L. Kaiser, Commander
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                                Queensbury Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6196 and Auxiliary
                                                                    32 Luzerne Road                                                                      
                                                            Queensbury, New York 12804
                                                                   Phone: 518-793-7535
                                                                Web site: qvfwp6196.org 
  Webmaster:  John Pan
eto                                                                                                   Newsletter Editor:             Kelly Sweet

Bingo Starts at 6:30 PM Every Tuesday
Bingo paper goes on sale at 5 PM
Special Notice:  Effective July 9, 2017
     No One Under 18 Years of age will be allowed to play Bingo  
or enter the Bingo Hall

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VFW & Auxiliary Post Meetings
First & Third Monday @ 6:00 PM


We have Bingo every Tuesday at 6:30 PM. 
Bingo paper on sale at 5 PM.

You Must Be More than 18 years old to play Bingo or enter the Bingo Hall! 
Come support your local Post and have fun at the same time!

The Post Lounge

The Post Lounge is for all.  Over the last few months we have altered our at the lounge.  This is mainly due to our members who are not taking advantage of our facility.  Many members feel they cannot come in because the do not drink.  This is not so.  Please stop in and visit with old friends and take a look around the building and see if it reminds you of days gone by.  No one is forced to drink, we just would like our members to have a good time.  If you come in we may even talk the bar tender to put on a pot of coffee.  You can watch TV and converse with old or new friends.  Try us out and you may enjoy yourself.

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Post Officers 2016-2017

Commander:                     Gary L. Kaiser
Sr. Vice Commander:        Robert Mosher
Jr. Vice Commander:        Floyd Mosher 
Quartermaster:                  Barry W. Cronkhite
Chaplain:                           Richard (Dick) E. Lee
Judge Advocate:               Van Morrison
Surgeon:                           William (Bill) McGarr
1 Year Trustee:                 Paul Crossman
2 Year Trustee:                 Van Morrison
3 Year Trustee:                 Dominic Cocuzzi
1 Year House Comm:       Vacant
2 Year House Comm:       Paul Hayes
3 Year House Comm:       Forrest Robinson
Adjutant:                           William (Bill) E. McGarr

Auxiliary Officers 2016-2017

President:                           Kelli Kennedy
Sr. Vice:                              Vacant 
Jr. Vice:                               Margaret Montelone
Sec & Treasurer:                Terry McGarr
Chaplain:                             Vacant
Conductress:                      Beth Mosher
Guard:                                 Cherry Robinson
Patriot Inst.:                         Lillian Phinney
1 Year Trustee:                   Vacant
2 Year Trustee:                   Lillian Wood
3 Year Trustee:                   Stephanie Franck

Service Officer:                   Denise DiResta
Secretary:                            Terry McGarr
Patriotic Instructor:              Patti Daley

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